Guidance and Healing for Twin Flames and Advanced Souls

"Happiness is Now"

Guidance and healing


Welcome and grateful to be connecting with you! 

Nothing is a coincidence and you being here is you being guided towards me as part of your journey. 

You are most likely looking help, guidance, healing and support on shifting energy inside yourself, for you towards others or you and your twin flame. All to become light again. 

Whether you are struggling in your Twin Flame journey, on your own transformational journey or with other soulmates/connections and if you want to become lighter, happier, empowered, conscious, more balanced, more and more positivity and filled with love then I am here to assist you. 

Your sessions will help you become a more powerful, centered and more conscious person so you can live more from your heart and soul in a balanced and aligned way. You will transform in a more loving version of yourself and also become more loving towards others without being triggered by stuff that holds you back in being powerful and wanting to move upwards and forward. This all also regarding your Twin Flame and towards union.

By transforming your inner self and healing your self you will also help to upgrade the vibration of love as you become love.

You being here means you are ready to heal and shed the illusions of control based on fear that hold you back. Book your session and experience more wholeness.

About me


As a lightworker, empath, guide, transformational coach, intuitive healer, certified psychotherapist / regressiontherapist,  I offer healing services to Twin Flames/Twin Souls and other sensitive/advanced souls who are struggling in their twin flame journey, are on the path of  ascension, looking for help and guidance or just want to change for the better.

I  work with (energy) psychotherapy, regression therapy techniques, with visualizations, with the divine energy and I do  multi-dimensional transformation (3D/4D/5D transformation). I have the gift to shift energy inside and around you remotely.


I  clear, heal and transform such things as (early childhood) trauma's,  recurring issues, negative thoughts and emotions, discordant energies,  blocks to positive expression, fears, past life issues, curses, dark  energies, chakra's, aura, ego, inner subpersonalities, entities, demons or energies to manifest or attract.

I will help you in issues that influence and impact your mental, emotional, psychical and  energetic health.

My mission is to assist you with the healing and transformational work for you and your loved one(s). My mission helping you finding your happiness as being your true self / best version of yourself.

This all is done with Unconditional Love and with the proper knowlegde and wisdom to transform and to clear and heal you and other loved ones around you. All with respect for free will and for the highest good.

- Love and Light and blessings to you -

- Shailesh -



 Start your healing today or as soon as possible and make the steps to a brighter life living from your heart and souls purpose and also be more balanced, grounded and powerfull inside yourself and towards others.
The services I offer you will help you in your healing process. Also for your Twin Flame or other loved ones.


  • Twin Flame / Soulmate reading and healings and coaching
  • Healing & Guidance sessions (Reading included)
  • Chakra healing
  • Entity removal + Soul retrieval

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 Note: I am only available during the weekends. See when booking for the available dates. 

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For your session we will connect by phone (by provided local dial-in number) or by the Zoom app. All info will be sent prior to your session. All meetings and calls are confidental. 

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Gratitude and Testimonials

My gratitude to everyone who assisted me on this journey.

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For any question that you have, whether you want to now more about healing, transformation, twin flames, soul mates, entity removal or any other question that you might have and are looking guidance and/or healing for.

Love, light and blessings to you,