Gratitude and Testimonials


My gratitude to my Twin Flame, all my (spiritual) mentors, my spirit guides, my higher self, my soul, the high beings and God/Spirit/Universe for my gifts and everyone who I encountered in my life as a mirror for my inner and outer growth and myself for the perseverance.
All to assist you in your journey of transformation!


S.T. from U.S.

"My overall experience with Shailesh has been a very beautiful, very healing and incredible journey. I have learned so much! When I think back when I first started my sessions with Shailesh to where I am now, and how far I’ve came in my journey, I am grateful. I am very grateful and feel very blessed. I cannot thank you enough for being my guiding light.
My experience of you as a healer has been a beautiful and amazing journey. One I am very grateful for. You helped me to understand and work past some of my issues like childhood trauma and abandonment. Issues that have affected my heart, and everyday life. How to clear energies, and most importantly how to better love and understand myself. With every session I am feeling more and more internal peace. Also by helping me he has also helped my future and past generations. You also gives me very helpful reading material to study and learn. I am really transforming and I am thankful for everything I have learned and am learning.

On a scale from 1-10 I would rate the session a 10. Each session we worked on healing deeper parts of myself, heart, mind, and soul. With every session, I get back to feeling more and more like my true self. I feel more and more at peace. I look forward to every session, and am so happy I took this great step in healing. Shailesh has been a wonderful, very beautiful guiding light. Thank you!
I would definitely recommend sessions with Shailesh. It is a very beautiful, very healing experience on the journey to transforming into a better you. You are just amazing!
Thank you for being my guiding light. I cannot thank you enough. I’m so grateful to you for helping me heal and transform. May God bless you and everyone you love for the work you are doing to help myself and many others!
I can honestly say that my overall experience with you has been amazing! With each session I learn and grow. Right now I am very happy with my sessions, and everything I am learning. I am grateful!"

N.T. from New Zealand

"Working with you has shown me the importance of grounding, filling up and raising my vibration up, shifting me out of the lower energies of fear and in to unconditional love. Thank you for showing me to me and reaffirming that the power is within me and fear is an illusion.
Your warmth, gentleness, compassion and kindness is felt deeply in the healings. Your clear neutrality enables smooth healings, without any residue or left over trauma.
With learning to ground and fill up more fully, you opened the doors for me to have more clarity and focus to come into my own power and move more to mission.
You positive neutral mannerism and professionalism enables a new client or anyone as closed as myself to open up and receive.  
I value your unconditional love approach and how you run your energies.
Your organizational skills with appointments and flexibility is very user friendly.  You take the hassles out of scheduling especially with times as I live in New Zealand :-).
Have a twin flame friend who can’t wait to book a session with you.
I would rate you a 9 out of 10 "

D.C. from Canada

"Going into the session with Shailesh, I was very anxious and nervous. I had lots of issues to deal with at that time. After my session, I found myself to be in a peaceful place, calm, and focused. I felt an immediate transformation, and felt stronger and in my power.
Shailesh is a great teacher and mentor. He guided me to have my own visualizations. He took the time to explain the concepts and the healing mechanisms. He asked  the pertinent questions to get to the root of the issues. He is very thorough in his approach. Once a segment of the healing was completed, he inquired on my status. This helped me tremendously with the clearing because it made me feel the energy transformation in that very moment. He is a very caring, giving and focused healer, always asking how I felt, during the session. I felt very blessed by his presence.
Yes!!! definitely would refer Shailesh. He is knowledgeable and professional . He has a  genuine deep caring for everyone in this twin flame journey.  
Loved my sessions with Shailesh! He taught me a lot. He is a master with detecting sub personalities coming up to be cleared.
He has  developed some concepts in dealing with sub personalities that I use daily.
I felt my energy transform during and after the healing. I also witnessed  the issues we were working on soon clear away in the next couple of days.
I would rate the healing an 8.8 out of 10"

T.W. from England

"Thank you so much again for the  clearing earlier. Overall I was really happy, and just an hour or so later I felt my head really clearly like something had majorly shifted...much more than I usually feel...and feeling in a good place so thank you!
I found you very professional and helpful with what I asked to be done and you will be brilliant at your mission!!
I would rate you and the healing an 9 out of 10"

E.W. from U.S.

"My experience with Shailesh is very pleasant, calm demeanor. Shailesh uses very powerful healing energy, but it was not overwhelming or too intense. He is very clear with information and guidance. Calm and personable, easy to talk to and with helpful follow-up.
After my session with Shailesh I felt so much more grounded and connected to the earth, and my fears evaporated and no longer had me trying to jump out of my skin. This is big for me, because I usually tend to be a floaty person with lots of nervous energy. I'm still feeling pretty confident and calm, several days later. I also learned some really valuable tools from Shailesh that I will definitely be implementing into my daily practice. I also really appreciated that he followed up the next day to see how I was doing, and helped me to clear a bit more then too.
We cleared out some things that had been really big blockages for me-- in particular a lack of self-esteem, and fear of repercussions with authority, that kind of thing. Those things were caught in my spine and had a lot to do with my relationship with my parents in this lifetime. Amazingly now, my spine is still feeling very clear, and no longer hurts where those things previously resided.
That night, before I went to sleep I was feeling really sad and upset for no particular reason, and a box that was sitting on a shelf on the wall, along with a small painting on top of it, flew off (definitely did not fall ;)) and nearly conked me in the head (fortunately, I ducked.). I knew then that the feelings were from an entity problem. I tried to do healing that night, but unfortunately I had an extreme amount of resistance and just couldn't bring myself to. I went to sleep, and dreamed of two entities who accessed previous lifetimes. One of the entities I forgave and cleared in the dream, and I woke up before I could clear the other. When I woke up from this dream, I felt condensed energy around and in my hands that gave me the impression that they were being held very tightly by this other entity who was remorseful, and wanted forgiveness for his role in my past life and also wished me to write down the dream. So I did. The next morning I spoke again with Shailesh and he helped me to clear and forgive this entity (and the other one too, just to be thorough) and to allow them to move on! Yay! Awesome! No trouble since!
Absolutely I would Shailesh recommend to others!
I would rate Shailesh 9 out of 10"

D.v.W. from The Netherlands

Dear Shailesh, Thank you so much for your help, your wise guidance and for giving me the steps for my own growth. I feel so much lighter and have more patience for several things already. Thank you!

N.P. from U.S.

"From being all over the place, I am feeling increasingly better each day with only minor periods of complete
I truly believe you have helped me, and I will do everything I can to take the positive energy and pass it on.
I am very blessed to connect with you.
I am really excited that my doubts about my twin are taken care of FINALLY.
The insecurity I was experiencing that I was having an unhealty obsession was very painful. Being seperated physically still hurts of course, but wow, understanding where this is coming from helps so much. I sent him a message the other day saying thank you and I'm sorry and left about 1000x better the next day. I felt so much love! Can't wait to ask you a few questions :)
You are beyond appreciated, my friend!"

T.A. from U.S.

"I've been really good! Actually been noticing a lot of things after our discussion. I am very grateful to have met you. When my different personalities start roaming I am becoming more aware of which one it is and talking with them. It is quite amazing how the process works. I'm so fascinated and cannot wait to learn more. Thank you again for everything 💜"

S.M. from U.S.

"The session helped me get back to what is real , meaning out of my ego, at least for awhile and see a different picture. I recommend a session for anyone who may feel ‘stuck’ or having issues in their life."

C.P. from U.S.

“Thank you again for my session, I played it back last week, trying to tap in, get messages again.
My overall experience with you , was amazing 🙏🙏 these past 3 years on my awakening , journey... and the little knowledge I know of Angels , Spirit Guides  this spiritual path/journey it all resonated with me. Some Angels I’ve never heard of, I now looked into, researching who/what are ascending masters... this inner knowing I know this to be true,  I am up there! I am powerful, I am here for a greater purpose. So as you worked on/with me...when I hear truth I know! As u called upon all the Angels,  Ascending Masters, it all was soooo real , so true! Thank you. 🙏
After our session, days to follow I felt sooo i guess the word is "balance" grounded like never before. Yes, a lot  has shifted, change, for the best.
You were patience,  you listened, I didn’t  feel  rushed, or out of my comfort zone, I felt very connected with you. That’s for certain,  and I know that when financially abundance comes knocking,  presents its self at my door steps, I am one who never forgets,  who have helped me pave the way for that blessing! 🙏  Forever grateful for you Shailesh 💚🙏  Love Light Blessings
My rating for you is beyond 10 🙏💚 you very resonated with me”

M.D. from Iran

I want to say thank you again for all you done 😊
I believe in energy and vibes but I never think it could be used from far away and also by phone. Really when we started the session I didn't believe it could be done. We didn't meet each other and Shailesh does not  know me at all.... I just trust him by his calm and confidence voice. So at the end I was really surprised...It worked perfectly 😊.
All I wanted  to be calm and feel delighted of my current situation. And I knew I needed help and I found him. He help me to find my satisfaction from inside myself and he taught me how I can help myself to keep this peace and satisfaction. For me it has been like a miracle that someone came and helped me without any expectation 🙏🙏
Throughout the whole session he knew what he was doing and was connected to healing energy. For me it is the best thing that happened. He help me to know what happened during the session and ask me how I feel. He made me calm during the whole healing session.
At the end of session I just fell relief and became so light and faithful. After one month of having a hard time, being stuck in bad vibes I feel immense relief…Thank you so much for being who you are and I  wish the best things happen to you 🙏
If I want to rate between 1 to 10, I give you a 10!

C.D. from India

"Thank you again for the session. Even though I didn't feel anything during the session due to blocks you were telling about...later, after maybe 10 hours I cried my eyes out. I didn't know the reason. This happens when there is a breakthrough in my therapy. The next day I started feeling better, a bit more confident, a bit more comfortable with myself, a bit more accepting of myself.
So thank you very much! You are a God send. Bless you and your Twin Flame. I wish that you keep achieving succes and fullfiling the purpose of your life."

V.A. from U.S.

"My overall experience with Shailesh was positive. I was greeted with his kind words, and soothing voice from a warm  and protective heart. That was the tone through the entire session. He taught me so much.
I am naturally goal oriented and driven so I have tend to face a lot of challenges on the path to my intended manifestations.
Shailesh raised my frequency level, gave me valuable insight on how to use my spiritual and energetic resources for assistance, and protection. As a result of immediately following his instructions problems began to solve themselves.
I rate the session with Shailesh a 10 out of 10"


J.G. from Spain

"I can only describe the session in one word: miracle. For first time in years, I spent a truly calm and relaxed time, feeling everything is possible.
Shailesh is magnificent. Calm, kind, warm… all explanation, all steps, all issues… I feel very blessed to get in touch with him.
My rating for the session with Shailesh is a 9 out of 10"

M.Z. from U.S.

“I am doing amazing. I no longer feel the need to be with my ex-husband. It's like a blindfold came off! I also feel like I have stepped into my own power and I am making things happen 😊
Huge thanks 🙏🏻 after your session I feel like a transformed person. I feel more confident in my work as a healer. I no longer feel fear about my life purpose. It truly does feel amazing. Huge thanks again 🙏🏻


N.F. from U.S.

“It was a beautiful experience speaking with Shailesh. It was so calming and felt as if a weight was lifted from my being. His voice and words are so soothing. The overall experience felt as if clear, pure light was surrounding me. I felt an incredible presence around me and peaceful loving energy.
Shailesh offered wisdom and guidance on befriending my ego and assisted in my understanding of learning to love my ego and become thankful for its benefits to my overall well-being. He also brought up the acknowledgment of my inner child and how to love all of the components so that they can aid in my personal growth.
He clearly explains how we all have the resources to call upon our own guides and angels to assist us and fill us with pure unconditional love and light.
He reaffirmed for me that I am on the right path, and never alone.
I absolutely recommend Shailesh without a doubt recommend to others.  He is an incredibly gifted healer who can assist no matter the physical distance.
I thought it was so wonderful to receive a full recording of my session so that I can re-listen and continue to process information to assist in my journey to becoming a better version of myself.
My rating for Shailesh is a 10 out of 10”

E.W. from U.S.

“Shailesh did an demon entity removal for me. I had a dream where there was being invaded  by a demon entity who was putting his arm into my throat. In my dream I pulled this baby of me and it’s arm got stuck in my throat.
I woke up choking and not being able to breath. After asking for help from Shailesh as I felt I had to contact him, he did an entity removal for me while and afterwards I was feeling well again and was able to breath properly again.
Grateful for the removal.
I rate Shailesh for his work a 10 out of 10”

J.R. from U.S.

“My overall energy healing provided me with insight and a new perspective.
After my experience with Shailesh life has been different in terms of what I truly want. I found myself hard to let go of certain expectations, but realize there's a lot more to life than focusing on this resistance. It's about connecting to your inner child and being there for yourself when no one else is around.
I would recommend Shailesh to other souls for any type of clearing
I appreciate you hearing me out, taking your time, and lending a helping hand at a dark hour in my life.. You are a compassionate healer and care for the wellbeing of someone before anything else. Thank you <3
I rate Shailesh and the session a 10 out of 10”

A.Z. from Netherlands

“Thank you again and again for the entity removals that you did for me. As a sensitive person I can sense what a spirit entity being attached to me influences my state of emotions and mind. After several times that I had different kind of spirits that I picked up Shailesh was able to help me get rid of these and also do a soul retrieval so they are not attached anymore.
I really felt a difference after the removal took place for me, my pet and my home.
I would recommend Shailesh to anyone who has issues with entity attachments.
I give Shailesh a 10 out of 10”

S.C. from U.K.

“Dear Shailesh, thanks for the introduction session. Afterwards I felt a massive surge of inner peace going to sleep last night. It was awesome. Also there are some new positive prospective unfolding with regards to the relation with my mom :)”

D.B. from U.S.

"Thanks Shailesh! Great work! I am doing well and feeling nicely balanced and attuned after our introduction session. Thank you again and looking forward for our next session.
I give Shailesh a 10 out of 10 for his expertise, energy, healing and clearing"

M.S. from U.S.

"I came in feeling kinda  totally lost regarding with my Twin Flame. Your session made me feel so much lighter and calmer. I do not have the urge to contact him or a need to be with him however I still seem to be thinking of him. Really grateful for your great energy and helping me in this and also taking the time for it.
My rating for Shailesh is a 9 out of 10"

S.T. from U.S.

" I am feeling better and better each day! I am so grateful for finding you and for your help. You don’t know how much I needed someone like you but then again you do lol. I am finishing up your webinar today, thank you so very much for the energy tips. That is something I also needed as all kinds of energy comes to us throughout the day. I hope that your day is going very beautiful and blessed! You are such a beautiful and wonderful person I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for being what I needed. I was feeling like my soul was dying and my heart was growing tired. Thank you for being the one to heal me and make me remember me. I know it may sound simple but I didn’t know how to think of me or remember to look after me, I’ve spent my whole life being everyone’s everything, and I don’t mind it at all. I always knew that was a part of my purpose and I felt very blessed to be chosen to do so, but I was never taught to care for myself too. I’m going to be the best I can be, for myself, for GOD, for The Angels, and for you. Thank you for being part of my guiding light! Everyday I’m taking better care of me, while giving my love to the world. I don’t mean to go on and on just grateful! Very grateful! I am sending you lots of love. Thank you very much and I look forward to talking with you again soon."

N.K. from U.S.

"Thank you so much for the previous session I feel a tremendous difference in how I feel. I am eternally grateful."


A.M. from Australia

"He called me this morning and we've been talking throughout the entire day which is good news. He sounds very light and happy. Thank you for the healing."


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