How to serve you...


November 11th, 2018


A warm welcome to all of you to my blog where I will tell you more about the Twin Flame journey. As a male it can be really helpful for the female and male souls in this journey to understand what it is about, what is going on and how to deal with challenges and overcome these challenges. In the Twin Flame journey or any other strong soul connection relationship the challenges can become a hurdle when you get stuck in navigating in it.... Read more

A little bit about Self-Love...


 November 15th, 2018 

Welcome to my blog about a little bit about Self-Love.

In this blog I will talk about the importance of Self-Love and what happens in relation from you to others and vice versa whether this is work, friendships, romantic, soulmates or twin flame relationships and how you can detect it and deal with it. These blockages can withhold you towards loving yourself and also is part of creating that imbalance inside of you ... Read more