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A warm welcome to all of you to my blog where I will tell you more about the Twin Flame journey. As a male it can be really helpful for the female and male souls in this journey to understand what it is about, what is going on and how to deal with challenges and overcome these challenges. In the Twin Flame journey or any other strong soul connection relationship the challenges can become a hurdle when you get stuck in navigating in it.

You will read and learn how I managed to go through my journey where I took a rollercoaster, learned step by step guidance from my guides, how I eventually managed to keep focus and how hard and troubling some decisions where. 

Are you struggling with your twin flame journey and do you really think that your twin flame is the cause of this all? Well to get you out of that illusion…he or she is not!! 

The Twin Flame journey is about the inner journey to Self and Self-Love. It is you and the other person mirrors stuff inside of you of your own inner state. All that stuff that comes up what hurts you is inside you and you also reflect back the stuff of the other inside of them. Our Twin Flame or strong soul connection only makes it visible for us what has been hiding for years in the subconscious. They are not our mirror as a person, but they mirror back what needs to be healed, cleared and transformed inside yourself.

You will blame them, you will have anger towards them, you will have fears, jealousy, unforgiveness, resentment, wanting to take revenge, feel like you are being betrayed, rejected, abandoned, feeling you are lied to, terrorised by them, hate them and have more discordant energies, blocks to positive expression and negative thought forms towards them…but I can assure you that when you do all that, you do not yet know the real meaning of this whole journey and it will only hurt you even more.

If you want to stay in a place of victimizing yourself and thinking all that ego related stuff then that is a choice to deny looking inwards. It will only make your journey harder instead of becoming lighter, happier, empowered, more balanced, more positivity and filled with unconditional (self) love. The more you will be able to love yourself the more it will attract the other or even other people in this journey.

I would not tell you this when I would not have had this experience myself and working with a lot of Twin Flames and other advanced souls. 

It has been 3 years now since I started my inner purification process and I experienced happiness is, surrender and letting go, unconditional love and how all the energies work in relation to the other and in relation to ourselves. 

With this blog, I will give you true guidance and support and help you transform all that negative gunk inside you so you can shine and your Twin Flame and others will feel that light you emanate. I am not here to discourage you but assist and help you in your journey to self-love, mission and union.

And if you do not struggle as a Twin Flame you might be “running” or already in surrender, on mission, getting on mission or at a place of peace. Still there are always new things to learn on how to fuel your union and mission so in Divine timing and with the law of attraction.

The road to enlightenment is not that someone says or claims that they are enlightened, it is shining light on every inner part of you that really loves to stay in the darkness and wear all those masks we are conditioned to do or we put on ourselves for not being hurt by others. You can heal that hurt so you won’t have to wear masks anymore. Becoming again who you really are, which is your true self.

Become conscious of all your inner “demons” and darkness and let light and love radiate on it.

When you are reading this, it means there is already a inner guidance and attraction towards this work. Feel into this and deep inside you will know if it resonates with you.

“We all have free will and can step outside our souls’ purpose what is a great gift given to us as human. With a decision made in free will you will always have to accept the responsibility to whatever consequences it will bring you whether is it feels good or not good for you. You will just learn another lesson to come on the same path as your souls’ purpose”. This means that life is full of things to learn and the soul also chooses to experience certain things whether we like the experience or not. It will give you more wisdom and knowledge as the beautiful being you are.

There are loads of stuff about Twin Flames on the internet. Some short-sighted and also a lot of good ones and some just saying something what does not make sense. This Twin Flame or strong soul connection journey is one you have to experience and a person who did not have that experience yet (or will not have in this lifetime) cannot grasp it which can be difficult to talk about. It can be very harmful for you and your journey when other people or psychics tell you what to do. So be careful and mindful about that. I always explain it like having kids. Someone with kids can talk to me about how great it is to have kids and the feeling when a baby is born, but me who has no kids can only try to understand how it is due to spending time with kids from friends and family. This is also with being a Twin Flame. What I tell others to explain this journey is telling them about their feeling of that first moment of the birth, the feeling that the parents have towards the baby is what you have towards your Twin. It is the feeling of unconditional love at first which when old conditioning and limited beliefs turns into conditioned love. Unconditional love is the feeling of no matter what. The feeling you have when you are in the “honeymoon phase” and the souls are aligned and you would do anything for them without any control, expectations, clinging, grasping, needing, wanting or other ego stuff.

Anyway, first thing you need to learn is after reading all that stuff on internet including this (like I did read almost all the articles, seen all the YouTube videos and tried different forms of meditation, Twin Flame healings and other stuff) is that you always ask yourself “Does this resonate with me?”. Never take anything for granted because you can come to believe something in your mind that is not authentic or limiting in your own journey. By asking yourself this and practicing on feeling from your heart instead of thinking from your mind, while asking this, you will see that the answer does not reside from your mind, but from your inner self, your Soul. 

When you let, others think for you, your believe system will create another illusion. But about illusions and the mind and what our how we are conditioned I will talk about it in another blog 😉

Some of the stuff on internet is good which helped me on my journey. I am going to give you guidance how to go through this journey and how to handle this starting with you as the centre point.

All Twin Flame or soul connection journeys are unique however also there are still the same things to do to get to that inner space of love. So the basics for transforming yourself, healing and clearing is the same. In upcoming blogs and YouTube videos I will give more explanation how to transform yourself. From the soul pains, abandonment pains, rejections, overwhelming feelings, negative thoughts, depression, despair, etc. and how to cope with this and what you can do. Also about the full power you have in this, the ascension process, kundalini, the addictions, letting go, surrender and transforming from a person who craves control, to let go and heal all that control.

Also, to go to a state of no expectations, no ego and no controls and to unconditional love and happiness. I myself am now at a good balanced place of peace, joy, surrender. Ego is nowadays my friend, still it shows it face to take over control again and I work with it as much as possible by detecting it’s neediness and control. 

Three years ago, I would never be able to write this blog for you, have my own website, help others transform and help and assist them. I have been working for 18 years in the IT as a system administrator, database administrator, service delivery manager, supplier manager, product manager and project manager, had my own company in creating ideas for television until I experienced my awakening by a person who was sent to me by the Universe. This is what you can call the Twin Flame as it had the same characteristics as described in a lot of websites online. These days I know that the Twin Flame is a concept we created trying to understand something that we cannot grasp yet with our human mind and it is the journey to Self where the other or others help us in this growth. Also that this journey is about service to humanity foremost. More about that in another blog. I became from a ego, not in touch with my feelings person into a transformed person who now does energy healing (psycho) therapy, energy shifting, soul work and regression therapy work. Complete transformation and the journey still goes on.

I had to let some people go or downgrade friendships but that is part of life when you want to grow. Not everyone can grow along with me and I thank and love them for that, because they have a different path then I have. But to be happy I had to and not everyone around you will like you to change. People in general do not like change unless they are willing to change. If you do not want to grow, would you rather be in a place of feeling unhappy and live up to other expectations or be with people who love you for who you really are and also love yourself and create a new loving environment or reality?

As you also might be experiencing lots of things in your journey I am just like you able to write complete books about it 😊.

I hope I gave you some insight on what my blogs will bring to you. 

For all of you: I know that you have the same capacities as I do inside of you to become at a better place then you are now or to overcome the struggles you deal with. 

Being a Twin Flame is like training a muscle. When you train a muscle, you have to take care of yourself and go through the muscle aches let it grow more and more. You are the muscle and to go to a higher vibration and filled with light we all have to go through those aches. Still you must assess the muscle and not over train it because it will get tired. That is also what happens in this Twin Flame journey when you ascend. So, keep in mind that even if things seem hard on you right now, with the correct guidance and clearing, healing and transformation you will be at a better place. Still we all must overcome the (old) pains. You can only grow and get the benefits and all the abundance from God/Spirit/Universe if you choose to. Let higher will flow instead of your own will. It is a choice of own (ego) will versus guidance.

I sent you all love, light, compassion on your paths and journey and I hope to welcome you back for my next blog!

Want help with your transformation as a Twin Flame I am here to assist you and do not hesitate to contact me or book a session to start your healing work now. 

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