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The Art Of a Peaceful Mind

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A FREE interview series with 21 experts to help you find the peace you’re seeking.

We  have the ability to have the peace and inner strength we are looking  for. I love to witness the joy that come when people discover that for  themselves. Even more I love to be a part of that joy. That’s why I am  delighted to be a part of this show. Now, I am inviting you to join the  show for FREE!

I’ll  be joining 20 other, meditation experts, psychologists, motivational  speakers, empaths, authors and more who can help you discover how to  find the peace and strength inside of you.

The  summit starts December 17th and you’ll be able to listen to one  interview each day for 21 days. Don’t worry if you miss the beginning!  There will be a replay period at the end so you can catch any interviews  that you missed. I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to  hear from top experts.

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The series begins December 17, and you can reserve your spot at no cost, here

Finally: Quiet Your Mind And Enjoy Inner Peace.

When  you go to the link above and register to join us for this series of  powerful conversations, you’ll hear wisdom from experts in different  fields who are coming together to help you find the peace and happiness  you seek.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

•  Techniques and strategies you can implement to stop letting your  emotions control you, so you can remain calm and peaceful in any  situation.
• How to find peace without “fixing” yourself, so you can enjoy inner  tranquility starting immediately, and maintain it even when you  encounter troublesome situations.
• Simple meditations to reduce conflict in yourself and in your relationships, so you can navigate life in peace.
• And so much more.

In  short, you’ll walk away from this series inspired and armed with  practical strategies you can implement to create the inner peace you  want—and deserve. (Therefore, you’ll also play an important role in  creating a happier, more peaceful world.)

Kim  is the perfect person to host this series. She’s been practicing yoga,  meditation, and a variety of Eastern-style healing modalities for 35  years, and has been teaching yoga and meditation at her own center for  17 years. She developed her understanding of a person’s separateness  from his or her thoughts at a young age: she was a child when her  grandmother died. Upset and missing her, Kim became aware that she was  watching herself think. That’s when she realized her thoughts weren’t  her; she was watching the process and she was at peace.

As  she’s worked with people over the years, she’s seen so many people  don’t trust themselves, and by helping them regain that trust and  confidence, she’s helped them regain inner peace, too.

Now,  she’s on a mission to help as many people as possible—including you—to  do the same. And that’s why she’s hosting The Art of a Peaceful Mind.

Remember, it begins December 17, and you can reserve your spot at no cost, here.

Rediscover YOUR Inner Peace. 

I  plan to attend the series (which you can watch or listen to from any  device), as well as speak during it. I hope to “see” you there.

To your inner peace,

Shailesh Ramessar

P.S.  You have more control than you realize and have everything you need to  create the inner peace you crave. Join us starting December 17 for The  Art of a Peaceful Mind: How to Find Peace, Inner Strength and  Confidently Tap into Your Intuition.  

Reserve your spot at no cost,  here. 

Cultivate Inner Peace, Starting Now.